Liberty Cache-Coeur

Here's a wrap blouse I made in spring. I wanted something simple and quick to sew, and I picked a fabric I just had the right amount of, in hope of stash-busting.

I used a Burdastyle Magazine pattern, the 121 of october 2011, 1m of Liberty "The Chilterns", and 2m of bias.

The original :

And my version :

As you can see, I made a few modifications, as I'm not very fond of the 70's look the ruffles add to this blouse. I also shortened the sleeves -partly because I was short of fabric-, and reduced their width. The bias is running in one piece around the blouse ; I begun (and ended) on the left side seam, as it's covered by the right front side, and thought it would be less noticeable.

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