Two versions for the Renfrew top

As I wanted to try myself at sewing knit fabrics, and after reading so much positive reviews, I decided to order the Renfrew from Sewaholic.

It's made for people who don't have an overlock machine, and the bands at the sleeves and the belt exempt you from using the double-needle.
(double-needle is, in my opinion, too much pain for such a disappointing result)

I made view B, and C.
I used jersey knit fabrics from fabric.com.
Once you get the hang of it, it's a one hour project.

I've worn each a few times now, and the seams are tearing under the arms, so I will have to reinforce them soon. I think it's due to the fact it's sewn in simple stitch, and not with a stretch point.

I love the pattern and I will sew it again, but this time with my overlocker ; I will have to be careful to remove 1cm to the pattern, as the seam allowances are included (5/8", or 1,60cm).

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