Adventures in shirt sewing - Ch.1

Edit : Someone very cleverly showed that this pattern has a strange likeness with BurdaMag 9/09 #105 shirt pattern.
Of course, Justice has not proven anything (as in, in all legality), and all doubt is permitted.
But, come on...

My first shirt since school. (hmmm, I know...).

I waited a long time for a pattern I liked.
Somewhere between fitted and baggy. With darts, but not with princess seams (I hate those, they're difficult to fit when you don't have someone to help you with it). And a back yoke.

After reading good reviews for the Mythique from Aime comme Marie, I decided to give it a go.

I wanted to make a wearable muslin so I destashed a checked flannel, and a remnant of pink toile de Jouy. (I was lacking 20cm of flannel...)

I made a size M, but the shirt ended too small at the upper back and at the armholes. I can move, but it's a bit uncomfortable. But the sleeves are very roomy (and I have muscular arms). I can put it on without opening the cuffs.

As you can see on the photo below, when I lift my arms, the back is really strained.

I decided to go lumberjack all the way by putting pearly snap buttons on. (so retro)

I'm happy I made this "muslin" first, because, by wearing it (precisely, by putting it on), I discovered a mistake in the pattern. (and I'm quite ashamed I have missed it while sewing).
Look closely at the pattern drawing.

Yep, the cuffs are buttoned the wrong way. Bottom on top.
And so did I sew mine.
(I went to check in stores before writing this, to make sure I was right, just in case...).

I also think that there could be more notches, notably for the collar and the sleeves. (I like precision, and notches allow for this, and rapidity in sewing)

So next wearable muslin : make it comfortable without making it too big.

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