Back to quilting - Spray glue crash test

Never one to pass the chance for more lazyness and plaster-free fingers, I decided to give a go at glue-basting. 

The option is not cheap (about 8€/10$ for a can), but it seems you can baste at least 2 large quilts with one.

When searching on the net for specificities on the product, you find exactly the same recommandations as for hair spray (you know, don't spray your eyes, don't breath the spray, don't cook your can, don't google the composition).

So here are the answers to the (dumb) questions I asked myself about it :

- no, it doesn't glue forever ; quilting cotton on quilting cotton is about one day (unwashed) (!), cotton on batting, some say 4 to 5 months ; I've found that, the rougher the fabric/batting, the stickier it is.

- yeah, don't inhale it, despite the various reviews I've seen online, don't.

- it's a bit like frosted glass spray, only, easier to remove.

- spray too much and your pins/needles will stick a bit.

- don't spray enough and nothing will stick.

- it's repositionable, for real, so better glue the part you want to move and not the larger/backing one (old newspaper anyone ?).

- holding the can horizontally doesn't work.

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