Alive and knitting.

What to do when you don't have a sewing machine, and no internet connection ?

Knitting, of course !

Raindance t-shirt.
My swatch was perfect. And still, the body is not fitted. (not that I mind) How come ?!
I used Phildar Partner 3.5. Man, how this thing pills. But it's soft and warm.
Perfect project for rapid knitters. (all this stockinette, I nearly died of boredom)

Enchanted Forest Cardi.
Knitted in Cascade Eco+. To this day, the yarn is still growing. Should I make it felt for it to fit snuggly ?
I love knitting charts.

Shapely Boyfriend.
Notice how it fits ? (yay !)
Cascade 220 is love. Not much pilling, hold itself, easy to wash.
The pattern is simple but very effective. (waist shaping !)
Of course, I messed up the neckline trim. (it lacks 1/3 of the intended stitches) But I stretch it a bit and it's okay.
Only flaw : infinite boredom of the never ending stockinette.

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