Sewing mojo is back - Colette Beignet, a winner pattern once again.

You can't really go wrong with a Colette Pattern.

I used a fabric remnant from a Ceylon dress I made a few years ago. A navy poly-cotton, sturdy, light-weight, and difficult to crease (even when you've been sitting for hours on a sofa in hot weather).

As lining fabric and I do not agree with each other, I decided to forego it.
After wearing the skirt a bit, I will invisible-stitch the front facings, as the feeling is unpleasant.
And now, on the photos, I see that, with the weight of the buttons added, it pulls the front down, so it becomes mandatory.

I made a flat butt adjustment, at the two back seams. (yesssss, after sewing the belt on...)

In my defense, a garment never really fits correctly without the belt on.

I also shortened it, removing a button.

The pockets are a bit too low to my liking. And... too many buttons !
But the high waist really enhance / lengthen the silhouette.

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