Free motion quilting, FMQ to its friends.

Quilting in straight lines ? Check !
Now, level up !

As, after having begun quilting for a bit less than a year, I'm 100% sure there's alcool involved in this, discovering FMQ totally confirms this. They have invented a way to quilt while drunk, and make it seems perfectly normal.

I love this craft.

So, I invested in a darning foot.

And I did as aaaaaall the tutorials instruct you : I practiced.

Above is the back of my "test sheet".
As you can see, the first try was awful.
So I increased the upper thread tension.
Then I reduced to 0 the stitch length (I read this in a book, so I tried, even if I don't see how it can change anything).
I changed the needle (from normal to quitling, but I don't really see a difference).
I also reduced the speed. This was, with thread tension, the most useful. (I found a good balance between the speed of my machine and my dexterity to move the quilt in it).

In the end, I could never really achieve perfect tension.
I tried every combinations, but nothing worked.
If I believe Stitched In Color, the problem comes from my machine. Well, I never bought it for quilting after all.

Much better. Acceptable, we'll say.

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