Vintage knitting pattern for cold knees

Once again, a pattern from a 50's Modes&Travaux. A knee-warmer ! (wonder why this trend didn't take...)

If you need a quick and strange christmas present, or if you go ice-skating, this might be a perfect stash buster.

Cold knee ... ingenious remedy.

Do not fear to admit your sensitivity to cold. Kneepads are not only for elderly ladies, but they're also a prudence pledge to misses and gentlemen.

You'll need : 100g of cabled wool, and needles #2 and #2 1/2. (metric)
The explanations are given for women. The framed numbers are for men.

Stitches used : Ribbing : knit, purl ; Stockinette : knit 1 row, purl 1 row.
Gauge : 20 st. = 5cm8 ; 20 rows = 4cm8.

Begin at top, cast on 110 st. [116] on #2 needles, and knit ribs for 3cm [4].
Take #2 1/2 needles, and knit in stockinette stitch.
Knit 86 [92] st., turn ;
Slip the first st., knit 61 [67], turn ;
Slip the first st., knit 73 [79], turn ;
Slip the first st., knit 85 [91], turn ;
Slip the first st., knit 97 [103], turn ;
Slip the first st. (it's the selvedge stitch), knit all, and take back to X.
Do this 11 [13] times in all.
Take your #2 needles back, and knit the ribs, make 8 decreases on the 62 st. in the middle. Knit the ribs for 4cm [5], and cast off without tightening.

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