What awaits me in 2013

My first complex bag. With plastic grid for the bottom and all. (hope my machine won't hate me).

My first corset. I've wanted to learn this for a long time, and always coveted the kits from Sew Curvy. Now, I'm tempted to chicken out...

 Another great pattern from Sewaholic. In white faux croco and panther lining. And I intend to wear it outside.

 70's jacket. In pink faux fur and dark navy corduroy. (like the blue and yellow one). I'll see if I dare to wear it outside...

 Something (really) useful. And easy. And, I hope, the first of many more to come.

And the real showdown. Re-sizing this. Successfully. Because I've found the perfect fabrics for this. Black Dior velvet, and black Chanel satin. (Just thinking about it makes me scream in my head).

Any plans for the year to come ?

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