Cordova fail

And I was so eager. But...

First, I wanted to use faux leather, and I forgot to buy a teflon presser foot.

Also, Sewaholic patterns are for pear-shaped people, and I had to modify the pattern, taking 4 and 6 sizes down at the waist and hip. I hoped it would be ok. Well...

And then, faux leather. Making faux leather to obey. Ironing faux leather. Sewing curves in faux leather. Blind hemming faux leather. Aaaaargh faux leather.

Now on to the result.

No, you won't see me in it. Well, not now. Maybe in spring, with less clothes underneath, so I don't look like I took 15kg all of a sudden...

Did I tell you that, with each movement, it squeaks ?

Strangely, sewing the zipper was fairly easy (no basting allowed). It was also the opportuny to learn to shorten a metallic zipper.

So we'll say that, with all the lessons learned, it's just a half-fail.

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