Finishing technique : facing with bias tape

I first used this technique for some armhole finishings on a sleeveless shirt a while back during training in a garment factory.

It's really easy and quick to do (hence used in the RTW process).

What it looks like, on a garment. (you can see it on the left, on the peplums' edges)

I used a retail 4cm bias tape folded in 4. Ideally a self-fabric bias tape is better, because this kind of finishing requires to fold in 3, whereas retail bias is folded in 4.

As the folds of my bias are 1cm, I let a 1cm seam allowance. I put my bias on the edge on the right side and sew in the middle of the tape. Then I cut the external fold of my bias (you don't have to do this if you use self-fabric bias).

Turn your bias on the wrong side, press, and stitch at 1mm.

I choose to use this technique on this blouse because the fabric is a bit too light for large facings, as the pattern was initially designed, and also because it has rounded edges, and I didn't see myself hemstitching them. (nervously, I couldn't)

I also used it on a knit fabric, for a garment that didn't need stretch on the edges. (but I could have used a stretch bias tape)

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