Kwik sew 3489 - Or How to justify buying a coverlock

First, let me tell you, if I could find the guy (or the girl, but it's someone who never sews, that's for sure) who invented rayon-lycra knit, nobody would be able to find him afterward.

So I found this bargain ; 2m50 of rayon-lycra knit for 4€ ; drapy, cool to the touch, flowery, perfect for summer. Let's make a dress ! Let's make a wearable dress !

Let's make Kwik Sew 3489. Unfortunate choice of fabric for the cover photo (as usaul), but so much potential.
(And with the wide sizing, I will be able to make the same for my mother in one of those bargain rayon-lycra blend ! Yay !)

So, apart from the despair of cutting and managing octopus-like fabric, this went really well. With normal fabric, this dress is an one-afternoon project.
And magic of knit, no adjustments !

I didn't have enough fabric, but choosing to sew with an overlock and finish with a coverlock, I was able to exclude the facings, and I could squeeze all my pieces on my fabric (the pattern is very forgiving if you put the pieces head to tail).
Coverlocking the round fronts was tricky, and the fabric fighting off any pressing, I had to baste the round parts.

After reading the reviews on sewing.patternreview.com, I downsized form a M to a S. Right choice. I also removed 10cm to the skirt.
I also used cotton tape for the belt ; the fabric being too heavy and strechy at the same time, to make a good belt, in my opinion.

This dress is a perfect classic, and very versatile, depending on the fabric you choose. The only flaw (apart from the sizing problem) is that you have to sew a snap or put a safety pin to hold the fronts together, otherwise everybody will have a good look at your breasts...

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