New skill, new equipment, new tentations

My friend Mercredy and I decided to swap knowledges : she would patiently explain and teach me crochet, and I would direct her to good video tutorial teach her knitting. For years my mind bugged when confronted with crochet.
I don't know if it's because she's taught teenagers (no offense to teenagers...), but in an afternoon, bam ! And for two months I couldn't stop.

Would you resist to this :

Or this :

And with the help of this :

You can make these :

I found, at last, a way to make my interior even more corny !

The book suggest a size 1.65 hook, when I used a 2.5 one. My doilies are about 25cm in diameter, and not the "little" advertised by the book cover.

(the free pattern for the "hearts" one is here : februarys-valentine)

And these are just the one I kept at home. Not sure my mother is proudly exhibiting the ones I gave her...

With crochet, I was forced to do something I'm usually too lazy to do with knitting : blocking. The plus (or "less minus") side is my doilies are small, and in cotton, so all I did was pining them to my ironing board and "steam" them. And it lasts.

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