"Fast and Fun Machine Quilting" - The book rookie-quilters shouldn't miss.

Starting up on my previous entry, I just wanted to make a small post to review the aforementioned book.

If you want to quilt seriously, this is a bargain investment. You can find it on second hand for a few dollars on Amazon, and despite the unattractive cover, this book is a gem. (I couldn't find bad reviews).

You can find the summary on Amazon, and you'll see that the book is really comprehensive.

What make this book a winner :

- all the steps/examples have a photo, or an illustration. Nothing is left to interpretation. (and if you've had to work with Burda explanations, you know what I mean).

- trouble shooting / comparative tables.

- tips ! Everywhere. Sometimes it's just "remember to take a break", but it's also "instead of washing cotton batting, toss it into the dryer [...] to preshink it".

- an illustrated glossary. Clearly helpful for future shopping.

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