And so I started quilting (for before I was only piecing)

And I choose, to give me spirit, to begin with boring piecing. Like "out of my mind" boring. Like, straight lines...
To quilt straight lines, too !
(my road to learning must be paved with masochism).

So I made a race quilt.

Oh, the appeal of it : you buy pre-cut fabric (in rolls, no less), and you just have to sew them one after another. So simple !

Searching the web, you can see groups of ladies having the fun of their lives, contesting against each others in finishing sewing one of these, big smiles on their joyous faces.

One conclusion : quilting retreats = free booze.

The lesson learned here : buying a walking foot is necessary. There's a before, and an after. (just like with circular cutter).
You can use whatever basting method known on earth (here to help you chose), your quilt will show directional waves if you dare sew in different directions. (I say this after trying 3 different methods, hand basting, pins, glue).

After this, I told myself (aloud, furthermore), " let's up the level !". Triangle piecing, and roundish quilting.
The result ? See previous story.

With so many triangles, it was now or never to put my industrial sewing training to good use.
(To think I had forgotten about this Lizzy House fabric !)

Chain cutting.

Chain sewing.

Next time  : how I skirted bias finishing ! (I make blankets, not art).

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