Easy needle/hook case tutorial - Straight sewing at its finest.

When I started knitting again, my mother felt really happy (relieved ?) to give me her needle collection. (authentic bent 70's needles, yay !) I saw this as a chance to stash-bust, and brainstorm an easy way to create a needle case.
(I'm sure it's nothing new, but I felt the need to share my great discovery).

The method (let's call it flat origami) requires just a single rectangle of fabric.
You determine the width of you needle case, and this will be the width of your rectangle.
The length of your rectangle will be calculated with the diagram below :

"a" is the part that'll be holding your needles/hooks.
"b" is the part where the needles/ hooks will be visible.
"c" is the flap.
So "d" is the important part : it's the length of your needles/hooks.
Once you've determined "a", "c" and "d", calculate 2a+2c+2d and you'll have the length of your rectangle.
("b" serves mostly in concordance with "a", to choose aesthetic proportions).

Add seam allowances on each side of your rectangle and cut.

Fold your rectangle as per the diagram, or the photos below.

Add a ribbon sandwiched in the layers. (if you forget, you can always sew it on later, like on my larger needle case).

Sew around, leaving an opening to turn your case inside out.

Once it's done (and the opening is closed), press, and sew vertical lines to make separations.
You can also fold the flap and make an edge stitch.

If you don't have enough fabric or want to twist it a bit, you can use two fabrics :

For my cable needles, I made a double row :

Once folded :

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