Flowery shorts - A Ralph Pink Pattern

Ok. I know what I said about downloadable patterns. But I followed the chart, and the obvious conclusion is just below. 

The pitch :
"The shorts are utterly cute, and the belt detail just adds that extra definition to the waist, complimenting your feminine shape. These would be great in a soft fluid fabric or even a tough leather, play on the use of fabric to create some classic staple pieces for your wardrobe. Even customise them with some studs to be bang on trend."

Ralph Pink is a gentleman (he's a brit) : "complimenting your feminine shape" ; translation : "accentuating your waist and camouflaging your plump behind". 

As you can see, I'm not "bang on trend". (the way I see it, I'm never out of trend either) Nothing fancy. Just good old twill.

What convinced me : the pockets, the folds, the length.

So, what's in a Ralph Pink Pattern ?
+ It's fool proof (poka-yoke we'd say in a manufactory). Calibration, print instructions, instructions, seam allowances, pieces to interface, everything is written.
+ Super detailed instructions. In pictures. (see example below)
+ Average sizes available.
- A mistake in the instructions. 
- Too much ease, maybe.
I've read recently that RP Patterns were purchased in a single size (the one chosen). Mine came in sizes from 8 to 16.

The mistake is in the "interior belt" construction ; it's more like a traditional belt part, whereas the pattern has no showing belt (just a facing). This also changes a bit the way of inserting the zipper.

The only modifications : I narrowed it at the waist and I added belt loops. (it needed belt loops).

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