Adventures in shirt sewing - Ch.2

Edit : Someone very cleverly showed that this pattern has a strange likeness with BurdaMag 9/09 #105 shirt pattern.
Of course, Justice has not proven anything (as in, in all legality), and all doubt is permitted.
But, come on...

So, to remedy to the fitting problems of the previous shirt, I decided to make a size L, but with size M sleeves, as they were already quite big.
(Do I hate too much ease in the head sleeve when it's not for a coat or a jacket ? Yes. Let's be reasonable.)

Destashing again (yay !), I used a lilac poly-cotton chambray. As it was a bolt end, I had just enough to make a short-sleeved shirt.
(oh, the disappointment in not having to make cuffs... so sad...)
But short sleeves with a turn-up ! (let's not be too lazy)

In the end, the shirt is comfy, at least, and the sleeves went right in the armholes. I redrafted them a bit, accentuating the concave and convex parts. And it still had ease in the head. (my pattern drafting honor is safe)

I found lilac shell buttons. They're too big but at least the color is right.
It's weird how finding real shirt buttons can be so difficult. Sometimes you don't want fancy, you want legitimate.

More of that with the next, and last, installment in the shirt sewing series, with the Liberty fabric shirt.

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