Spotted Nettie

Jumping in the bandwagon of pattern coolitude. 
This, is the best idea an indie patternmaker has had, ever.
That's something Closet Case Files is great at : filling the gaps, with style.

So, for my first bodysuit, I just followed the instructions.
I made a size 8.

What's a bit funky is the way the pages are put in the pdf. They seem to follow a strange order.
If you want to print only the pages for the body suit, you'll have to print pages number 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 16, 18, 19. And they are somewhere in the middle...

The construction is fairly simple.
But I admit I had to wait for the sew-along to really understand the part with the "snap crotch". (super simple in fact, but I always imagine complicated things...)
I put plastic snaps, because they were the flatest in store.

I sewed everything with the overlock. (lazy choice) I had to cut 5mm everywhere to compensate for the 1cm seam allowance.
I didn't topstitched with a double needle, I just did a zigzag.

I didn't read the reviews. As you can see above, the bodysuit shoulder is narrow (and mine is large...).
It's not really a problem. The fabric is very stretchy, and the pattern forgiving.
The only visible result is in the sleeves ; they're riding up a bit.

I also deepened the neckline a bit. Given the fitting issue, it was a good idea, the bodysuit is a bit roomier to put it on.

The cut at the bottom is very low. It suits best curvy girls I think ; on me; it doesn't really stretch and even gapes a bit (but nothing dramatic).

Next one : shoulder adjustment.

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