Salme blazer, again, but different.

When I'm the cause for an accident, I assume my responsibilities.

It happened like that (beautiful saturday afternoon with my friends downtown) :
"Hey come look at all the pretty fabrics the bargain store has received !"
"It's pretty, isn't it  ? And it's cheap !"

And like that, not to add to my stash and still have the thrill of purchasing fabric, I promised her to make her a jacket with this so pretty floral printed twill. Lined, custom, everything.

She has a small frame so I reduced the width in the upper back.
This time I didn't even try to match the pattern.

I made a size 8, based on the bust size.
I lengthened the jacket like the previous one.

Instead of making a pleat in the lining at the collar facing, I used its roundness to distribute the fulness all over it.
I also interlined the facing at the bottom of the bodice and the sleeves.
I did these for the previous jacket but failed to mention it.

Flashing rosebushes might be a new trend...

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