Salme cropped jacket - Fluometric

Once again, a bargain fabric store incident.

I searched for a pattern that would be modern and simple enough not to clash with the fabric.

Why, hello, Salme Cropped Blazer !

Clopiano's and Annettejongl's versions convinced me to give it a try.

My only problem with the concept : it's really, really cropped. (cropped like, oups I didn't have enough fabric, nobody will notice).

So, long sleeves (+12cm/4.7") and longer bodice (+5cm/2").

I made a size 10, even if a size 8 would have sufficed. (I'm like ogres, I have layers).

I also added a lining. The fabric being too thin and see-through.
The pattern being fairly simple, it was no problem.
I cut the exact same parts, just removing fabric where the facings are, and adding 1" at the back for ease. For the length, I just used the same technique as when I worked in alterations : cut your lining the same length as the finished project ; so, for the length, remove the height of the hem.
(for the rest, I'm sure I've told you I hated synthetic lining)

Where the challenge was : the back is in three parts, and I had this idea to make the fabric pattern match at the seams.
I also tried to make the pattern on the lapels match the pattern on the bodice underneath.
Once again, two hours of fun with a pack of pins. It gets tiring.
The result is not perfect, but I'm ok with that, and at peace with myself...

(sorry for the creases, I went to the park by bus...)

Seeing the photos now, I realise I could have made an effort, and chose to make a vertical seam at the front and bottom facings junction (instead of this lazy horizontal one...).

I also understitched the collar facing, and the lapel ; I don't remember seeing this in the instructions, but I didn't really read them, mea culpa...

I've seen some complain about the instructions for joining at the shoulders. IMO, the drawing is clear enough, and when you think about it, there's no other obvious way to do it.

Flashing the rosebush... 

2 commentaires:

  1. I apologize in advance for my bad english...
    Your cropped blazer is amazing. I like your fabric choice and I'm impressed by the pattern match. It's a great job!!!

    1. Thank you ! Yours, with this daring fabric choice, was an inspiration.