Kaleidoscope party dress - Vogue 1337

Because I always hold the hope that I'll be invited to some kind of fancy event (the stats say once every two years...), I bought Vogue 1337, originally to make the most of the shipping costs of an online order.

Then in my local bargain fabric store, I found an oddment of this printed double knit for next to nothing. Never afraid of colors, I bought it straight away.

It could have been an one afternoon project, had I not needed to match the pattern symmetrically. 2hrs of fun with a pack of pins.

The instructions asked for a bodice cut on the bias. Obviously impossible and dutifully ignored here.

I also lengthened the skirt. The reality is somewhere between the model and me.
Note also the length of the sleeves : definitely longer on me, but unintentional on my part.

This knit is not really stretchy (maybe 10%), so I didn't put any clear elastic at the arm seams.
At the waist seam, I topstitched my seam allowances together at 1cm on the bodice side, while inserting an elastic, instead of sewing a clear elastic. I did this partially because I didn't understand a word (well, I understood all the words individually, but could not make sense of them put together) of the instructions. (and partially because here you have to sell a kidney to buy clear elastic).
With the belt, it's invisible (so why bother).

The belt is too long. I'll have to shorten it (one day, maybe, if I think of it, and have nothing better to do).

It was hemmed with a coverstitch.

All in all, it's a great, easy pattern.
Now onto the reproaches : the dress slips at the shoulders and... impossible to raise my arms with the batwings sleeves !

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