Point turning tips

Dissatisfied by the look of my collar and cuff points, I searched for an easy way to achieve pointy points.

My "technique" was inspired by this tutorial from Off The Cuff blog.

I tried a few times, but each time the thread "escaped".

So here is what I'm doing now ; once my collar/cuff is sewn and the angle cut, before turning it, I put a pin just at the angle, between the two layers, then turn it inside out (careful with the fingers), and pull on the pin. The head is caught by the seam, but it's so tiny that it "pushes" well into the corner. And then I remove my pin.

For the photo, I used a "big" pin, for the purposes of demonstration only.

Of course I could buy a point turning tool, if only I could find one here. (and not pay 15$ in shipping costs)

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