Trousers compulsion.

I need trousers.
I hate shopping for trousers. (you know, this feeling of despair, after you've tried 40 different trousers and nothing fit ?)
So why not make them ?
Because finding a pattern both flattering and modern is difficult.
Because fitting trousers is hell.
Despair or hell ? And why not wear skirts ?
Well, hell it is.

I choose Burda 7250.

The pleats are flattering, the shape is what I would wear (it I could find a good pair in store), and it has good reviews on internet.
I made a first pair as a wearable muslin. I didn't take photos. I followed Burda sizing, and of course, they're too big.
So I made a second wearable muslin, one size down. (hmmm, this sensation when you're destashing). (I lacked fabric, so I didn't cut in the grainline)

The fit is better. It's a bit tight at the hips -nothing uncomfortable but it pulls the pockets open-, and at the knees -it's difficult to bend my legs-.
And I think the trousers are a bit short.
What the photos don't show is bagginess at the seat.

I had two solutions, for a flat butt adjustment :
- fish eye dart (as seen here)
- or simple dart (as seen there).

So, after a FBA and slight widening of the legs, I pulled my bazin fabric out and cut.
(yep, there's an african theme here).

Details of the design.

It fits ok. (I never wished for perfect or even great).
The problem at the hips overshadowed the slight gaping at the waist. (bah, belt).

And now, some truth tea : the reason that all the photos of these trousers have people with hands in the pockets, and feet in high heels is shown on the photo bellow :

Not that flattering. 
But I like them nonetheless.

So much so that I made a third (fourth) in a wax I bought compulsively. (wax in violet and water green, yay !) For later when I can make photos.

Ps : do not wash your bazin at more than 30°C. It's tempting, but no.

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