ACorny Quilt, off season.

I began thinking about this design about a year ago.
I wanted something simple, straight to the point.

I didn't feel like piecing the acorns, so I decided to make them in appliqué.
I "glued" them on the top and quilted them directly. (lazy ?)

I made a lot of tests to find the right proportions for the acorns. I even asked my friends which one they prefered. (they don't even bat a lash anymore)

The motif you saw in a previous post on FMQ is actually the one I used all over the quilt.
I decided to add the "arcs" to give motion and break the monotony. (And I thought it was funny, it told a bit of a story there). (My friend Mercredy calls it the squirrel quilt).
It went fairly quickly. Well, once I recognized that my machine was not made for FMQ, and that I would have to look at it from afar.

110 cm x 140 cm. (44"x55").
FreeSpirit solids.
Guttermann thread.
Backing is brown and binding is evergreen.
Polyester batting.

2 commentaires:

  1. Je le trouve superbe ce quilt, bravo!

    1. Merci ! Il est tout simple mais c'est sûrement mon préféré.