Funky forest cross-stitch

Well, I've been away from my sewing machine for one month (hard, I know), but I didn't keep my hands idle. 
I brought with me a project I've had for a long time now (well, a little more than a year, but still...).

Satsuma Street's Forest cross-stitch pattern.

Yep, it's a lot of colors.
Each year DMC has a special offer : 3 bought, one offered. And given there's at least 20 colors in this, it was welcome.

The canvas is a 10 count (25 for people across the Atlantic) cotton evenweave.
I used 3 strands over 2.
The end result is about 13cm x 38cm. (5.12x14.9)
The threads around it mark the size at which it will be framed. (23cm x 48cm) Unfortunately I left it at my parents so I won't be able to make a good photo of it before long.
It took me the better part of three weeks, stitching about an hour or two day. (under the watchful eye of my grand-mother)

The pattern was very good and easy to read, given the number of colors.
I just regret there hadn't been a black&white version of it, as I can't print in color. (and had to lighten it so it was not just a big dark grey blot).

Satsuma Street is best known for their city inspired cross-stitch patterns. The reason I didn't do one (yet) is because I can't seem to choose. (and it's so much work I don't think I would want to gift it)

Maybe Tokyo... (souvenirs, souvenirs)

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