Marsala, 2015 Pantone Quilt Challenge : Invasion.

It all started on Play Crafts' blog, a long time ago (okay, two months). A challenge. A REAL challenge. A color nobody likes. Some joke by Pantone (something along "let's see if people are sheeps and suddenly love a color because we said so"). A double challenge : make a quilt in a strange color nobody has in their stash and nobody's selling.

Believe it or not, I had some of it in my small stash. Some remnants from another life.
(as a side note, I would like to say that I just had to buy the zipper, everything else I already had in my stash !)

So, first, find the right color association. I hesitated between blue and green. Green was a bit "sad", so I choose blue.

(achtung ! overexposed photo and unrealistic colors)

Then the design. Having only scraps, I opted for a 40x40cm (15.74"x15.74") cushion cover.

(beautiful example of humanity 2.0 -I've heard that right now it is humanity 3.0-)

I think I spent two weeks drafting and re-drafting this one. (yes, I need a real size pattern, my brain can't manage small scale). I thought about paper piecing, improv, and everything in between. In the end, it's a bit of everything. I "improv'ed" the stripes, appliqued the hexies, and paper-pieced the complex ones. (note : I never ever paper pieced before)

On my drawing, the stripes and the hexies are aligned. In real life, I thought it was a bit flat and lacked depth, so I rotated a bit my stripes (I couldn't do it more than this, as my square of stripes was not very large).

And thus was born "Invasion" :

I quilted the stripes, first in the ditch, and then perpendicular, with "invisible" thread (what you see is actually the sun reflected in the plastic). I'd like to say I opted for geometrical quilting for general coherence, but the truth is that my sewing machine still refuses to make nice stitches in FMQ.
I then appliqued the hexies and quilted at 1mm of the edge. (sorry, RTW seamstress habit)

I apologize for the colors. The weather has been strange/aweful/too sunny alternatively for a month, and it has been hard to calibrate my camera with the difference between red and blue. (in reality the colors are much duller, and the "marsala" is almost perfect)

4 commentaires:

  1. Wow, there's so much movement in this design! I love the volume and depth you created with the color choices, and how it feels like the cubes and hexies are hovering in space. That one big empty grey hexie really does it for me! Very beautiful design!

  2. Thank you very much ! Your appreciation of it means a lot.

  3. Je découvre ton blog via Alice. J'aime beaucoup ton coussin. J'ai l'impression que les hexagones se déplacent dans l'espace! En lisant les commentaires, je me rends compte que je ne suis pas la seule :-)

    1. Merci beaucoup ! (ça me fait plaisir de voir que j'ai à peu près réussi à rendre l'effet désiré, de mouvement)