Madame Grès, 2011 Paris exhibition

In 2011 the Musée Bourdelle hosted the first french retrospective on Madame Grès' extensive career.

The Musée Bourdelle is a sculpture museum, and it's no wonder it has been chosen to host this exhibition, as Madame Grès had originally wanted to become a sculptor (and married one), and as each of her creations seems like a greek statue made true.

She opened her first "atelier" in 1935 and ended her career in the 80's. The exhibition offered numerous pieces from all these years, plus drawings.

The pleats are flat pleats ; usually they are 1cm deep, and there are 5 of them in 1cm. But up to 2m80 could be reduced to 7cm, and some skirts could be 21m in circumference.

The fabric is a silk or wool jersey, specially knitted for her, in large sizes, so there were no seems in the height or width.

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