Tiki dress

Here's my tiki dress !

I've bought the fabric last year in Paris (Les Coupons de Saint-Pierre, at the foot of Montmartre). 3m for 10€, a real deal ! Well, if you like weird themed fabrics... Which I do !
At first the mustard-beige color of the background repelled me, but the giant squid and the hula dancer convinced me to buy it !

I used pattern 2444 from Simplicity.

I lined the bodice with the same fabric. (It was cheap for a reason, and I feared it was a bit see-through)
And I used a Kaffe Fassett fabric for the front knot, as it was the only fabric of the color I wanted. The color is the same as the pattern of the tortoise's shell. (And I thought it livened the dress -yes I still dislike this beige-).

The pattern jacket versions of the dress are quite formal, but I think it makes a great everyday wear.
It's a really easy project you can make in a week-end (maximum). The only "difficulty" being the invisible zipper.
And I really like that the dress has pockets ! 

* The photos were taken by my illustrator friend Mercredy. Link to her blog on the left !*

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