Unorthodox quilt finishing method - Lazy, and machine friendly.

Professional, dedicated, and serious quilters, please go away now.

I hate bias. And I don't like hand stitching much either.
Finishing a quilt with a hand stitched bias ? Nope. No, no. Do not insist, please.

So, if you don't care about traditional quilting, and think that, either way, your quilt will be loved (and warm) all the same, here's how I do it.

Considering your backing and batting have to be about 10cm (4") larger than your top, once your quilting is done, cut your batting at the same size as your top, and cut your backing about 2.5cm (1") larger than your top.
(see where I'm going ?)

Fold twice this edge over your top, and top-stitch. From the top point of view, it seems you have a bias finishing.
With this technique, you have to make sure your backing "suits" your top. No hiding a cheap/ugly backing.

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